Oto Gomes


Read about my crypto story from 20k to 17M


My name is Oto Gomes

I am a crypto conscious mentor/day trader and
teacher on the Gamification of Abundance using crypto!

Growing up

I grew up in Brazil with my family and came to the US when I was eight years old. When I turned 16 years old I started working for my family’s tax accounting business and after a decade of preparing tax returns, bookkeeping, and registering new corporations, I felt my life was headed in a different direction. When the 2008 real estate crash happened, and after losing over $120,000, I knew there was something more than what I was doing.

The Crash

During that market crash I was introduced to a few documentaries that open my eyes to the “pyramid scheme” that was the centralized banking system. I quickly became aware of the system that I was perpetuating by continuing to work at the accounting office, so when I was finally introduced to crypto in 2013, the dots finally connected on how we could all escape this old “Debt slave system”.

Falling in Love with Crypto

The first thing I did when I was introduced to crypto/bitcoin was to dig into understanding it as much as possible. Back then, there was no one stop shop to learn about crypto, I had to dig through articles, forums, and have the willingness to ask any questions even if I sounded stupid asking them. What got me hooked initially was the hardcoded protocol that no one could change and that no centralize governing power had the ability to manipulate, but what kept me hooked and believing in this new decentralized system, was the community that was being created of like-minded individuals.

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The people that I met in 2013-2014 were the ones that taught me the majority of what I know today, which also helped me form the mindset that I have now, to bring others into the industry to benefit from it like I did. There was this feeling of having fun, where we could all win together, and competition wasn’t necessary. It was my first time being aware of how we could all become abundant through a playful Gamification of capitalism.

The first three years of my crypto experience was just building that community, and connecting with others that were willing to go through the growing pains of the industry even though we weren’t making much money yet. With that new prospect in mind, I quit my 9-to-5 job in the accounting office and after having a small health crisis, moved to California to pursue my dream of Acting. The crypto community I made, supported me through my difficult marriage, my divorce in 2016, as well as the fire that took my home, car and all belongings in 2017. And as if divine timing, my first Crypto “Bull-Run” started immediately following the signing of my divorce papers.

Divorce & Investing in Crypto

When I got divorced, I sold my house, for a profit of $40,000 and gave half of that to my ex-wife and put the other half, $20,000, all into crypto. This was probably the best decision I could’ve ever made in my life, as in the next 3 years it grew to a total sum of around $17 million. It wasn’t all by chance of course. I had to learn a lot about trading, diversification, and stacking profits into new companies, that opened the door to becoming a self-made millionaire.

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All of this didn’t come easy, I had a lot of trauma around my relationship with money and finances, and had to take messy action in learning about those traumas, while also trying to navigate the volatile waters of Crypto. I had accumulated so much money in such a short amount of time, I was spending between 5 to 6 figures per month, justifying that I was “locking in profits.” When I should’ve been reinvesting it into other assets/commodities/properties outside of the Crypto space. I struggled a lot in that process and looking back I am super grateful for the experiences as now I understand that I wasn’t ready to have as much as I did then. The struggle not only taught me about my own relationship with money, but also taught me a lot about integrity and proper ways of communicating and creating professional relationships with others.

Healing Journey

One thing I learned was that the past can block the way of success. Though my struggles with finances, I learned I had beliefs, perceptions and patterns that I was unaware of that were preventing me from manifesting what I wanted in every area of my life including wealth. I was fortunate to have found a guide that was a Transformational Spiritual Teacher and Mentor. She identified and guided me through blind spots in my relationships to everything and everyone, clearing the path for me to be who I really am. This work brought the purpose and clarity I had been searching for all my life. Finally, I feel a freedom that I didn’t know existed and it feels amazing!

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I learned that abundance is not connected to finances, and can be in every area of our lives, giving us the passion, love and connection to self and humanity. The struggle was over. The dots were finally connected. I am blessed to have found my current partner who also had the willingness to pursue her own healing journey. We work together to create a healthy interdependent relationship.

Finding my True Calling

For many years I struggled in figuring out what my true calling was on this earth. And it wasn’t until 2020 when I quickly realize that I had a gift of breaking down crypto and bridging the gap between the metaphysical and the practical aspects of abundance. I always had a desire to teach others, but when I was able to find some thing that gave people the ability to help themselves, I knew I found the right path.

Once I realized the many paths that one can take for abundance in the crypto space, I realize that I needed to teach others to find their own path and find their own passion, so that they can practically start to use the blockchain technology, to create the reality that they want.
That’s why I created
Crypto Made Easy

Having personally gone through the struggles of finding my path and how I could cultivate that in the crypto space, I now see my journey is to teach others come to that same conclusion. My vision with my course, Crypto Made Easy, is to give people the ability to envision their own path, future, and abundance.