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Wealth Abundance Crypto

High touch container for individuals ready to take their relationship with wealth to the next level via crypto.

Custom Tailored Crypto Coaching

Everyone wants to create greater wealth.
Today, people are seeing the value of the crypto industry like never before.

Unfortunately, most people forget one thing when they try to manifest it.

There are 2 sides to the coin of abundance.

External Abundance & Internal Abundance

Without both sides of this coin, greater wealth can be elusive.


My name is Oto.

Founder of Crypto Freedom Academy

Oto Gomes is a crypto investor, ex-day trader, and Crypto Freedom mentor. In the last decade, Oto has persevered through the bull and bear markets of life to find true freedom, both externally and internally. On a mission to help others become the most abundant versions of themselves, Oto is a voice for truth, sovereignty, and a holistic approach to creating a life and world of prosperity.


1:1 Crypto Coaching

In 6-12 weeks, you will receive:

  • Custom program designed for your vision & goals
  • Private container with weekly/biweekly calls.
  • 24/7 Telegram Access with Oto
  • Support in building your portfolio
  • Conversations and expert secrets
  • Process for healing your money story
  • Guidance in safely making large investments
  • Advanced crypto support
  • Clarity and direction in pursuing your wealth goals
  • Embodied practices for abundance


In these months, and on these calls, I will support you in:
External Abundance
  • Setting up and improving your crypto portfolio
  • Real time technical analysis support
  • OTC Large investment connections
  • Proper long term diversification
Internal Abundance
  • Heal your relationship with money
  • Train your mindset for abundance & prosperity
  • Emotional awareness to overcome scarcity
  • Crucial wellness practices for an abundant life

If you’re interested in diving into crypto and taking your wealth to the next level, you’re in the right place.

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