Acts Of Brave Honesty Will Uplift Humanity with Alex Weber (OG 025)

by | Jul 29, 2022

“You Can’t Outrun Your Soul”

Award winning speaker, coach, American Ninja Warrior host, and author Alex Weber joins me to share the keys to THRIVING in body, mind, and spirit. We can’t change the external world from a place of anger, EMBODYING the changes we wish to see is how we’ll transform this parasitic economic paradigm! We get into the power of crypto and how it can be a tool for the people to take their power back. Additionally, Alex hits home on the mindset and belief systems necessary to LIVE YOUR DREAMS – listen in for his inspirational outlook!


  • [04:11] What EXTREMELY HONEST question changed Alex’s life forever.
  • [09:02] The power of microdosing – see the documentary on Netflix “How To Change Your Mind”
  • [15:10] What world record does Alex hold?
  • [18:05] How blockchain technology provides a safer means for communication.
  • [21:33] Why educating and motivating others is Alex’s passion.
  • [26:21] How redefining failure led to a breakthrough in Alex’s life.
  • [31:12] Why rock-solid belief in one’s self and dreams is vital for an abundant life.
  • [36:15] Alex’s opinion and background in crypto.
  • [40:01] Trading crypto like an asset class vs. transforming our economic paradigm
  • [43:31] Where is humanity headed? Can we fix our massive problems?
  • [47:32] What will it take for the people to take their power back?
  • [50:47] How movement boosts mental and emotional health.

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