“Breaking Death to Life” with Kai Jones

by | Jan 21, 2023

Kai Jones is a visionary & guide with a passion for bringing spiritual frameworks into practical reality. His love for song, ceremony, & connection are a reminder of how potency grows through simplicity. After experiencing a NED (Near Death Experience) his life trajectory took him towards one that most of us can only dream of. Today, Kai is a transformation guide within the SacredSons-verse as well as beautifully written poems & written words that drop like bombs of LIGHT, shaking up the conscious landscape…ladies and gentlemen KAI JONES!

0:00 – Intro

02:17 – Kai’s live performance

03:26 – Meet Kai

04:58 – Kai’s journey and story

16:20 – An inside look at Kai’s near death experience

18:50 – Kai’s thoughts on the compilation of events over the past two years?

25:12 – What is toxic masculinity and why does it exist?

31:27 – What is necessary to bring balance and harmony between the relationship of the masculine and the feminine?

45:40 – Men and money in relationships

48:31 – How does crypto affect or change the relationship between man and money?

51:20 – What is toxic capitalism?

1:04:29 – Daily self care and grounding practices

1:07:04 – If you have a few minutes to speak with millions of people, what do you leave them with?

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