“Lahaina Emergency” with Kale Ka’alekahi

by | Aug 25, 2023

“Lahaina Emergency” with Kale Ka’alekahi

Kale is a storyteller, cultural innovator, spiritual activist, and indigenous life ways practitioner. A carrier of Native lineages, He shares about The living art of Human Making and Wayfinding during a time of great forgetting, calling forth the Ancient Future, a new old way. These ways and teachings evoke a courting of the Human Soul and a romantic hunt for the Human Heart. On a path of learning and exploration, Kale finds belonging.

Today he is bringing together the collective community to support those in need after the devastating effects of the Lahaina Fires.

Please be inspired to support in ANY way possible, whether it is a message/call to someone effected or financially by donating directly to Kale and Koa’s efforts locally there!

2:23 – Welcome Kale!

2:56 – The Maui Wildfire Disaster

15:58 – Where are the funds going to?

28:28 – The connection of nature to life

45:05 – The spiritual contract

46:51 – It is time to reconnect.

51:18 – Fund raising amd support for Maui





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