“Spiritual 4D01K Assets” with Aaron Abke

by | Jul 6, 2023

“Spiritual 4D01K Assets” with Aaron Abke

Aaron helps others free their mind, empower their heart, and expand their consciousness.  Through his courses in 4D University.com, Aaron guides others through mastering your mind, mastering meditation & overall mastering your ascension. With a hit show on UNIFYD.tv, sharing his journey through social media & educating the masses through his university, aaron is making a much needed impact on physical & mental health! Ladies and gentleman Aaron Abke!



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1:28 – Welcome Aaron Abke!

3:04 – The hero’s journey and red pill moment

10:47 -When did 2020 become personal for you?

16:11 – How does the 0.01% have the world in the palm of their hands?

24:39 – Are people being forced to ascent?

29:57 – What are your thoughts on protesting?

38:11 – What is your elevator pitch to help someone have that awareness?

46:25 – What does toxic capitalism mean to you?

1:10:40 – What is your perspective on transhumanism, technology, and crypto?

1:20:44 – What is value?

1:28:16 – Self-care grounding practices and advice

1:31:37 – A few minutes to speak with millions of people. What do you leave them with?

1:34:51 – Reaction Videos