“Spotify Loophole” with Chad “Focus” Arrington

by | Dec 15, 2023

Spotify Loophole w/ Chad “Focus” Arrington

Chad Focus, CEO of Focus Music Entertainment and President of Focus Music University born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Known for starring in Vice TV’s Black Market, Season 2, “Rage Against the Machines”, hosted by Actor Michael K. Williams. Focus is a 6 time Billboard Charting Artist, Social Media Consultant, Marketing and Advertising Expert who bounced back from a Federal Prison sentence to inspire others to attack adversity head on, unlock their inner entrepreneur and defy the odds.

1:13 – Welcome Chad Focus!

2:44 – The hero’s journey

9:00 – The gap of opportunity in Spotify

23:52 – What is the future of music now when it comes to Spotify?

32:36 – Chad’s $4 million fraud case

40:22 – Have you had any sort of censorship about what you’re taking about?

43:19 – Pushback from payment processors

1:06:13 – If you’re not living your authentic self, you will actually create more disease in your body

1:17:15 – Bots and automation

1:20:11 – What would you say is the one regret that you have if any?

1:25:56 – A few minutes to speak with millions of people. What do you leave them with?







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