OG 001 – The Forgotten Power of Detoxification and Self-Healing with Dr. Edward Group

by | Jan 13, 2022

“A true doctor doesn’t subscribe, they teach.”

Dr. Edward Group is an epic leader, researcher, speaker, and author in the natural healing and detoxification world. In today’s insightful episode, he shares rarely-heard wisdom for achieving pristine health, including the misunderstood ancient art of urotherapy. Dr. Group has a WEALTH of knowledge, and our conversation answers questions including how NFT’s and crypto can power a healing revolution, why mindfulness is the key to detox and transformation, and how to solve the underlying problem behind ALL diseases.


  • What was Dr. Group’s red pill moment?
  • Is there an underground, decentralized health and healing movement?
  • How to monitor your home for toxic sources.
  • “We just need to stop doing what’s causing us to be ill to begin with” – Dr. Edward Group
  • What powerful discoveries did Dr. Group and his team uncover?
  • What is urine therapy (urotherapy) and where did the idea come from?
  • Book recommendation – “Your Own Perfect Medicine” – By Martha Christy. 
  • Check UroTherapyResearch.com for health protocols  and sign up for the course!
  • Exciting details on The Global Healing Society’s NFT project – let’s heal themselves, others, and the whole globe!
  • Is decentralization more powerful locally or globally?
  • Why practicing mindfulness is key to advancing consciousness.
  • How can we detox our inner environment?

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