Claim Radical Responsibility For Your Health & Wealth with Tania The Herbalist (OG 016)

by | Apr 29, 2022

“Just that feeling of ‘I don’t feel fulfilled but I’m just doing what I gotta do to pay the bills’ will slowly kill you inside.”

Your emotional and spiritual wellbeing dictates your level of health and wealth! The natural healing master and dynamic wellness coach, Tania The Herbalist, skillfully explains this interconnected relationship. We hit home on the concept of taking radical responsibility – as it’s deeply programmed and pushed in today’s world to give away one’s authority. Oto answers the most common concern from the freedom movement about crypto – the fear of digitized currency. Oto explains the fundamentals of blockchain tech, including why concern is valid and how decentralized movements can prevent this evil. 


  • [04:10] How herbalism and natural medicine revolutionized Tania’s mother’s health.
  • [07:50] What’s wrong with the “pill for an ill” mentality?
  • [15:30] How the recent virus changed the health freedom conversation.
  • [19:08] How did our ancestors avoid health challenges faced by modern man?
  • [25:29] What did the Washington Post say about Tania?
  • [31:01] How our inner emotional and spiritual state affects our physical health.
  • [36:28] When your heart and intellect are in sync, that’s when you thrive.
  • [38:01] Why crypto is inherently neutral. 
  • [43:19] How can decentralization revolutionize our financial paradigm?
  • [49:58] Can we avoid the technocracy? 
  • [54:20] Why you have much more power than you believe.

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