“Let’s Go Brandon” with Kyle Michael

by | Dec 26, 2022

“Value Your Own Truth”

  • Kyle Michael

Kyle J. Michael is the Founder & President of $LetsGoBrandonToken ($LGBT). Mixing his passion of cryptocurrency and his lifelong career of Business Development and Team Building. Starting in crypto in 2016, he has experienced both sides of the aisle; as an in­vestor & on the project side. Kyle aims to bring legitimacy to the crypto space through their online classes, which gives the knowl­edge and power back to the investors. “The crypto space can be scary and confusing. Unfortunately many novices can come into the space and get scammed. Causing them to distrust and ultimately shy away from crypto altogether. This is one problem we are aiming to solve. Our other main goal as a crypto project, is much broader than crypto, but to bring truth, freedom and unity to ALL. The “Let’s Go Brandon” chant can have different meanings for each person, but for ME; ii is about media censorship, government overreach and ultimately protecting our freedoms. Once we lose our Freedom, we will never get it back.”

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